Consortium of Children's Asthma Camps
Assessing the Value of Asthma Camps Study - March 2005

The Consortium of Children's Asthma Camps (Consortium) Board of Directors commissioned Jill Heins Nesvold, MPH to conduct a study, from mid-September 2004 through mid-March 2005, to determine the value of asthma camps. This study aimed to identify the future opportunities for asthma camps and determine the Consortium's role in this future direction. Through correspondence with Consortium Board members, “value” was defined to include:

  • Reach, including the number of campers, gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, asthma severity rating, geographic representation, and new or returning camper
  • Cost, including direct costs, in-kind volunteer hours, and in-kind donations
  • Impact on children's asthma symptoms and/or asthma management
  • Access to the asthma medical community
  • Access to the health plan community
  • Opportunities for organizational fundraising
  • Positive public image
  • Altruistic motives
  • Organizational tradition

To answer the overarching question, “what is the value of children's asthma camps," the following guiding study questions were developed in conjunction with the Consortium Board:

  1. What is the value of asthma camps as perceived by:
    • Local sponsors, including American Lung Association affiliates
    • Camp directors
    • Health care professionals staffing the camps
    • Parents/guardians of children with asthma who attend asthma camps
  2. What is the asthma education curriculum context and delivery format?
  3. What is the experience in assessing value of other health-related camps in the U.S.?
  4. What impact does attending asthma camp have on a child's asthma management?

Table of Contents


  1. Stakeholders Interview Protocol
  2. Stakeholders Interview Summary
  3. Review of Published and Unpublished Literature on Children's Asthma Camps
  4. Evidence Regarding Impact of Children's Asthma Camps
  5. Bibliography
  6. Summary of Interviews with Non-Asthma Chronic Disease Camps for Children
  7. Childrens Asthma Camp Online Survey Summary
  8. Asthma Interview Protocol