Pre-camp Guide - Table of Contents

The list below is made up of links to MS Word documents that you can download and customize for your camp. There are many areas within the guide where you can insert your camp's specific information. These areas are highlighted in yellow. Simply type in your information and delete the yellow highlighted area(s). Or, if you have nothing to insert, just delete the yellow highlighted area(s) altogether.

All files can be saved by right-clicking on the Download link and selecting "Save" or "Save as" from the fly-out menu.

Document Title MS Word File
Cover Page A Download
Cover Page B Download
Introduction Download
Reinforcing your decision to send your child to asthma camp Download
What to expect...for the camper/family Download
The importance of completing all camp forms Download
Important dates to remember Download
What to pack or what not to pack (that is the question) Download
Cabin assignments Download
Daily camp schedule Download
Phone calls Download
Bedwetting Download
Medications Download
Allergy shots Download
Illness Download
Food allergies Download
Asthma education program Download
Advice for campers while at asthma camp Download
What parents can do...before/during camp Download
Going to camp - some travel advice Download
Directions to our camp Download
After camp advice Download
Other information and resources Download

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