Pre-camp Guide

All sections of this guide are available for download in the Table of Contents. Please read the instructions below before you use any of the documents.

How to use this Pre-camp Guide

We have included many sections that cover a wealth of information. You may opt to use the entire guide or simply cut and paste sections that are pertinent to your specific camp to create a brochure or pamphlet. Here are a few samples of how you might set up your piece:

When designing your brochure, you can opt to print the pages out as they are or make changes in font size, font type, or use some color. Or, you can use a program such as Microsoft® Office Publisher to create more of a professional looking product.

We would also suggest that you "liven up" your guide with some clip art or photos. To do this, you'll need to insert the art or photos either from the clip art gallery that exists on your computer or go online and download some clip art.

Some handy key words to use in your search for clip art include: Children; Leisure; Teens; Playing; Canoe; Swimming pools; Kids; Sports; Camp; Outdoors; and Suitcase.

You may also opt to use the blank template pages (pieces of stationary) below that you can download, print out, and then use to print your brochure onto. They mimic the sample pages shown above. This is an easy way to create a "designed" look to your piece without having to add your own photos, clip art, etc.

The contents of the guide are available for download as MS Word documents. There are many areas within the guide where you can insert your camp's specific information. These areas are highlighted in yellow. Simply type in your information and delete the yellow highlighted area(s). Or, if you have nothing to insert, just delete the yellow highlighted area(s) altogether.

Finally, we would also ask that you add a line of credit somewhere in your guide to acknowledge Sepracor Inc.'s generous grant that made this Pre-camp Guide possible. Suggested verbiage is included on Cover Page A and Cover Page B.