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Tool Kit Content

Medical Considerations Section
Gretchen Moen, Lead
Michael Welch, MD, Lead
JJ Herman, MD
Myron Liebhaber, MD
Floyd Livingston, MD
Wilma Light, MD
Sulochina Lulla, MD
Thad Woodard, MD

Planning and Evaluation Sections
Becky McNamara, Lead
Theresa Kopiecki, Lead
Leslie Ascencio
Gina Brusseau
Lynne Crabtree
Kathy Fons, RRT
Joyce Massoros, RRT, RCP
Allison Redfearn, MD
Carol Schank, RN, RRT
Kathleen Sweere
Helen Wyatt
Roberta Taylor

Marketing, Registration and Staffing Sections
Becky McNamara, Lead
Theresa Kopiecki, Lead
Noel Albert
Gerald Bartell
Teresa Conner
Mary Ann Cornell
Sadie Daughety
Rebecca Gray
Kay Greenlee
Sandy Hart
Tricia Monnig, RRT
Gail Murray
Gary Reinheimer, MD
Jean Snyders, RRT, CPFT
Earl Thomas
Richard Wasserman, MD
Michael Welch, MD